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Europe Reporting SARL

         Our firm:


We are located in the heart of Paris, five minutes walk from the Gare du Nord and the Gare de l’Est. Nowadays, we are two chartered accountant and we share a team of more than twelve staff.


Our firm is a member of the “Association de Brecourt“ (ADB), an European network of chartered accountants, auditors and lawyers.





Maurice Barba-Lata and Jean-Michel Jakubowicz, two French chartered accountants, have been partners since 1988. They are membrers of:


- the Ordre des Experts Comptables de Paris Ile de France: this is the organisation that regroups the chartered accountant.


- the “Commission Départementale des Impôts Directs et des Taxes sur le Chiffre d’Affaire” (taxes and VAT). This is, in brackets, a tribunal (called a commission in French), which tries to resolve conflicts following tax inspections, between the French Tax Authority and the tax payers (companies or individuals). 

To contact us:



+ 33 1 44 63 16 60


+ 33 1 44 63 16 70





103 rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris, France

Maurice Barba-Lata and Jean-Michel Jakubowicz intervene as, in brackets, judges (in French it is “membre de la commission”). The other members of this commission are:

-a judge of the administrative court (this court is for lawsuits with the authorities)

-two representatives of the French tax authority

-one representative of a trade association.

The decisions of this commission can be accepted or not by the tax payer and by the French tax authority. Those decisions are very important because they are very often then followed by tribunals.


- the “Compagnie Régionale des Commissaires aux Comptes de Paris”: this is the organization that regroups the professionals which do legal audits in France.


- the board of a « Centre de Gestion et Association de Gestion Agréée », organization that deals mainly with very small companies or with sole traders and which allows them to benefit from tax cuts.



Jean-Michel Jakubowicz is also a member of:


- the innovation and technology commission (commission of the Ordre des Experts Comptables de Paris Ile de France). Its role is to inform and help companies and chartered accountant firms to keep up with the fast evolutions of new information and communication technologies. Jean-Michel Jakubowicz is also specialized in the problems linked to authentication and identity certificates (electronic signature).


- the “Chambre Nationale des Conseil Experts Financier” (CNCEF). This is an organization that regroups financial advisers.



           Our clients:


We operate in many different business sectors such as computing, IT (information technology), real estate and construction, textile, optics, catering, high technologies, and services. Our clients are small to medium-sized enterprises (S.M.E), including French subsidiaries of foreign companies.



           Our Services:


We offer our clients many services such as:



- Bookkepping

- Payroll services

- Supervisory accounting

- Year end accounts

- Reporting for foreign holdings



- Tax on individuals and sole traders; corporate tax


- Tax planning



- statutory audit

- legal audit

- contractual audit


Business and financing consultancy :

- Start up advice

- Strategic and Business Planning

- Cash flow forecasting


Legal :

In close relation with lawyers : representation in taxation procedures, tax audit, employment contracts, draft of memorandum and articles, company creation and registration, etc...